Israel vs Palestine, rant #2 of a million: The media.

So I was at work today and I got a message from my wonderful friends, asking for the wisdom of yours truly about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what it is about. I felt like Yoda when I directed them to my previous post about Zionism as a starting point, but they (read: Anjani) are too lazy and incapable of doing such a tedious task. Thanks guys.

In a paragraph, I summed the main part of the conflict up, but what irked me was the fact that I know they only asked me this because of the sudden surge of coverage from the annoyingly biased BBC (turn to Al Jazeera instead) and the protest that took place outside the Israeli embassy yesterday. What got to me most was “I knew they were fighting I just didnt know how bad it would get”. This sentence annoyed me (sorry friend, its not your fault, keep reading) because that’s how the majority of people react. I’ve seen a lot of people saying shit about this conflict acting like they know it all. It is clear they have just seen it as a war between Muslims and Jews, and although I am glad people are becoming aware of what is going on, it annoys me that they fail to do their research before posting a controversial rant. Its ignorance. When you believe everything a Western news broadcaster tells you, it is ignorance. When you know there is conflict going on, but fail to take a little time out of your day to find out what is really going on, it is ignorance. Since a couple days ago, I saw a ridiculous amount of posts from people showing how angry they are with Israel, yet before then I never saw or heard them utter a single word about it? This genocide has been going on for a long time, why have you neglected to pay attention until now? It is obvious because the newfound horror they seem to feel shouldn’t be a shock; it has been felt by a multitude of people for a long time now – people who took it upon themselves to research it without the aid of the BBC.

There’s something wrong here. There is one reason for all this (ignorance, yes, its your fault for being lazy and brainwashed, but the primary reason is): the media. They’re hiding everything from you, are you seriously telling me you don’t know that by now? You have the internet, you have books, use them. Do you actually use one news broadcaster as your source of information? The BBC sickens me. As I spoke about before, the coverage of the incident about the three Israeli teenagers made it seem like the murder of children was something of a shock to Israel. As if they don’t murder and torture children daily. Lol? What, are Palestinian lives less important? Give me a break. BBC love to make headlines about Israel defending themselves against Hamas. Excuse me. What are Hamas rockets compared to Israeli defence and weaponry? How many Israelis have been killed by Hamas attack, compared to the number of Palestinian murders? (or “deaths” as the BBC like to call it). Why does Western media place more importance on an Israeli life? Take a look at this. Look at the pictures and tell me who is doing more damage.

You ever see pictures like this but with an Israeli family instead? Nope.

Since the Gaza Massacre, until May 2014, there were 575 Palestinians killed (103 of which were women and children), and 38 Israelis (8 of which were women and children and 10 of which were Israeli security force). I don’t recall any of that being reflected in BBC coverage?

Another thing, your beloved Obama. You were excited to welcome Obama as the US president, what about when he called Israel their “strongest ally in the region“? Blah blah blah he’s willing to negotiate ceasefire, but what about the US commitment that “directly supports Israel’s security, as it allows Israel to purchase the sophisticated defence equipment it needs to protect itself, deter aggressors, and maintain its qualitative military edge“? Is that really what’s happening? Shutup your mouse Obama, the only aggressors they’re having to deter are children courageous enough to stand up to the oppressor, something the majority of your adult population is too afraid to do. Anything about Hamas is defensive against Zionist racism. So, ignorant ranters, where were your disgusted attitudes towards Israel when you were chanting “Yes we can” “First black president omg so cool!” “I love starbucks”? Woo yay Obama supports gays BUT ARE THEY BEING KILLED FOR BEING GAY? (Not in America, anyway).

The Western media does NOT portray the real story of ANYTHING. Up until now we have rarely seen coverage of the conflict UNLESS its a dire situation for the Israelis. There is rarely any coverage because the news likes to show when damage is done to Israel, and what damage is there to Israel? Do you hear them dwelling on the fact that those poor defenceless Israeli soliders are pointing guns at dangerous Palestinian children wielding  life threatening stones and words? No. Of course not. Why would they want you to know they are supporting or staying silent about the disgusting acts of Israel? They dont.

We’re currently living a dystopian future worth writing about.

Are you getting the picture?

WAKE UP AMERICA (I’m British but I wanted to use that line).

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” – Elie Wiesel

I felt sick writing this. May Allah punish both the oppressors and those who remained silent.


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