Oh this is such a touchy topic, I don’t know if I should do this.

But I will because I don’t care. However due to the fact that it is SO controversial, I’ll keep it very short.

My condolences to anybody who lost family members or friends due to 9/11. But I am so bewildered seeing so many Americans mourning 9/11 so much, about how many innocent lives were lost, when they aren’t looking at their own government and what they’re doing. Grieve as much as you want, but don’t be so one-sided. Sure, its sad, but ARE YOU BLIND? How can you talk about it’s how terrible so many lives were lost but forget about your shitty government and their drones. And all the innocent lives THEY cost. Why aren’t you attacking them for allowing so many innocent deaths overseas? And then Muslims apologise for 9/11? WHY ARE YOU APOLOGISING?

Hi, we and every future generation of our people have to deal with being labelled as terrorists for something your own government did or assisted whatever.

I’ll empathise with the fact that your government and his predecessor are and were crap and with the fact that many innocent lives were lost. But that’s it. 9/11 was an American job. Not a Muslim one.

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4 thoughts on “Oh this is such a touchy topic, I don’t know if I should do this.

  1. Nuuray says:

    —And then Muslims apologise for 9/11???? WHY ARE YOU APOLOGISING? —-
    I am not apologizing for it because those people who did that were not MUSLIMS.. they were sickos I just feel sorry for the people who died.
    But I do agree with your post.

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  2. Silai says:

    I very much agree with your Post, especially when you say that 9/11 was an American Job, not a Muslim one! I was in New York City On 9/11, i was 10 years old, and in class! My school was not far away from the towers, and I witnessed the chaos! It was horrible, and it was truly sad, but what is even sadder is that i am convinced, like you, that it was a setup by America! My mom always knew something fishy was going on, and never followed the mainstream views of the time….. Anyways, now, some people are actually saying that there never actually were any planes, and that the towers fell because of bombs exploding at the bottom of the towers….. :O Talk about fooling the entire planet… I would not be surprised if that was the case, because there are ZERO eyewitness accounts of planes crashing into the towers! According to this theory, the news reel is edited to show planes crashing into the towers…….
    So yea, touchy topic, but do not worry, i was there, in the flesh, and i agree with what you are saying! 😉

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