Dear employer, I can smile at everything.

I may come to work with ugly dark circles, and I may yawn more than my co-workers. But I’ll never be late, I’m always up early.

(I don’t sleep because my nightmares are worse than monsters, and worse than being chased by demons. My nightmares are just a replay of reality, a replay of that other day. I hate night.)

I may spend my breaks reading alone instead of mingling with other colleagues.

(I read, constantly, because I rarely have to deal with my own reality. Skipping straight from one book to another means I am always playing somebody else’s life instead of my own.)

When I read, I learn how to deal with every situation imaginable.

(Without having to go through it myself.)

I will rarely, if ever, take days off. My immune system is strong.

(And wouldn’t dare call in sick when I need it, for fear that you will laugh and fire me.)

And therefore you should look past any apparent dysfunctional issues

My incredible ability to empathise is why you should hire me.

My extreme, unreasonable perfectionism is why you should hire me.

My constant worry about doing something wrong is why you should hire me.

Even when I have a raging headache and unbearable nausea, I will suck it up because I don’t want to lose my job. You should hire me.

But then again, most times I don’t feel a thing. Sometimes I’m not even there, I’m just watching myself. Maybe you shouldn’t hire me.

Yours faithfully,

Everybody who is afraid to call in sick when their brain is torturing them into madness.

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