Was it worth it, was it perfect when you up and left me cynical?

Too many times I’ve seen people ruined by failed relationships. The worst thing you can do is convince yourself you are okay and try to move on to the next person.






  1. Does the thought of exhibit x being with someone else bother you?
  2. Do you think getting involved with someone else is the only way you’ll forget about exhibit x?

If the answer to both these questions is NO then CONGRATULATIONS, you have moved on and I’m very happy for you!

If the answer to either is yes then unfortunately you have not moved on yet and therefore you are not allowed to date because you are an emotionally unstable wreck.

Love yourself. I don’t mean grow an abnormally and unforgivably large head, I mean realise your worth and grow as a person. Know how important your happiness is. Find your flaws; embrace the ones you can’t change, change the ones that are ruining you and those around you. Respect yourself and have some rules that you will adhere to in your next relationship: know what you will absolutely not stand for and stick by it. But be open to compromise. Going into another relationship with the mentality of somebody that is drowning and desperately trying to grab something to hold on to is a disaster waiting to happen.

They don’t want you anymore? So what. Their loss. Find someone that’s crazy about you, because you deserve nothing less than that.

You don’t want them anymore? Don’t beat yourself up about it, better to end it than continue in a rut. They’ll thank you for it later, trust me.

They cheated on you? It’s great that you found out what a sleazy desperate person they are, lucky you got out of that one sooner rather than later; now you can find someone loyal.

Whatever reasons you have to be upset, fire away, I will hit you with a counter-argument. Come at me bro. You are fucking wonderful and you should never mourn a failed relationship. Love. Your. Self.

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