I’m sorry that you are ignorant enough to believe that these barbaric creatures represent the rest of the world’s Muslims.

So I saw this post.


Whenever I hear the word “bomb” or “terrorist” or literally any word associated with violence on the news, I’m always thinking “pls don’t be muslim pls don’t be muslim”.

Seriously. Muslims shouldn’t have to apologise for the actions of somebody who clearly doesn’t follow Islam correctly. Since people are so thick and stupid and believe that somewhere in the Quran we are told it’s okay to murder people, it’s expected of every single Muslim to feel guilty and personally responsible for the actions of everyone who labels themselves as Muslim. We’re expected to publicly condemn the actions just to remind people that we aren’t a bunch of murderers. We study religion in school for a reason, but unfortunately people apparently don’t learn that ISLAM DOESN’T CONDONE MURDER AND SHIT LIKE THIS. Why don’t you read the Quran before assuming what the beliefs of the fastest growing religion are.

What has sparked this post is, obviously, Sydney and Peshawar. I’m not going to dwell on it because it’s horrendous and anybody with a care in the world should already know about what happened. But let’s take Peshawar as an example. NOWHERE in Islam does it say you are allowed to murder. ESPECIALLY going into every classroom and shooting at children and teachers. We are not barbaric. Do you think so many people would follow a religion that tells us to do that? No.

I’m not going to apologise on behalf of a supposed “Muslim” who does something that is the complete opposite of what we believe in. I will apologise to your mother for producing such a stupid and ignorant piece of shit that decides to believe that one vile human being who happens to be Muslim must represent all Muslims. A murderer is just a murderer, point blank. Not a “Muslim murderer” JUST A MURDERER. They never attach religion to anything on the news unless its something wrong done by someone who happens to call themselves Muslim. You never hear the word “Christian” or “Athiest” on the news. I’m not hating, just stating the truth.

I won’t apologise.


Pray for Peshawar. When I heard about what happened, I didn’t even care about defending how Muslims will look in the media. It’s disgusting how someone can murder so many kids. Kids. They’re children. Going into every single CLASSROOM and shooting a bunch of children who have done NOTHING except kiss their parents goodbye in the morning as they go to school to learn, hoping to return home with a little more knowledge than the previous day. But some psychopath wants to come and blow their brains out. These are little kids man, they’re too young to understand politics and even religion, they did nothing to be on the receiving end of so much hatred. Pray for them and their families.



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