Kiss me hard before you go

It’s new year’s eve tomorrow! I can’t say I’m excited because it means I’m closer to uni deadlines and exams…. but I’m also therefore closer to being out of that godforsaken place. Anyway. Amongst all the chatter about what resolutions people lie to themselves about and vow to keep – about how they’re going to be a completely different person, I quietly rest my wings as the fly on the wall, rolling my eyes and judging them. Okay, that’s a lie I don’t judge. Maybe I just scoff just a little.

None of that “new year new me” bullshit for me. I’m perfectly fine with how I am now, I don’t feel like I need to make any dramatic changes. I’m going to be exactly the same as I am right this moment. Obviously  I have a few new years resolutions that I won’t stick to, proven by the fact that I have had the same set of resolutions for a few years now… aka do assignments as soon as I get the question. And stop internet shopping so much. But that’s it really. There’s nothing to do with my character that I feel I have to change. I could try being less realistic (or pessimistic as some people like to confuse it with), but let’s be real, that’s never going to happen.

The one thing I will definitely stick to is this. If we aren’t on good terms by the 31st (tomorrow), you are out of my life for good. No arguments, no “hey it’s been a long time”, nope nothing. If you can’t deal with your 2014 shit properly, you’re not bringing it into my 2015. Goodbye. I think a lot of people are holding onto people they shouldn’t be. A lot of people are waiting for people to prove themselves to them, but listen up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re better than that. If they really wanted you in their life, they would have proved themselves and not given you a chance to have to wait for it. If somebody really fucks up, they would have made up for it and more if they really cared, don’t wait for them to make up for  it. You just do you. But don’t worry, we have all made that mistake. Stop holding on to the wrong people and eventually you’ll know what it’s like to meet the right people, I assume. I’m still waiting for that to happen but fortunately I don’t really notice because I’m too busy doing my own thing. Either that or I just don’t speak to new people. Hm.

I probably won’t have time to dedicate a special new year’s eve post tomorrow because I will most likely, hopefully be busy. So I hope everyone has a good new year’s eve, don’t spend it doing anything mediocre 🙂 x

Now Playing: Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey


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