Now run and get a slither of dignity

I’m so peeved, I’ve lost a lot of actual followers in my hiatus 😦 come back.

To calm the reader in preparation for the storm I have brewed up, here’s a picture of the sky looking so big and vast and making me feel so tiny, one of those sublime moments that were still not as wonderful as my omelette-hating other half:

So it appears I have a brand new following and a few little teeny weeny lame ass stalkers with nothing better to do with their time. Sooo cute, hi bitches and little chipmunk lookin ass hoes! Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

But on to bigger and more important things such as the DEVASTATING NEWS OF ZAYN MALIK LEAVING ONE DIRECTION OH MY GOD HOW CAN WE GO ON, or the apparent less important news – I say less important as I have actually not heard this on the news at all, but the bias and disgusting media of the West is no surprise to anyone – a French cartoonist was arrested for producing anti-Zionist work! Its no use dwelling on this, everybody cares about Israelis, nobody cares about Muslims or any person with a nationality tied to a majority Muslim population. Anyway.

I’m not one to be openly controversial, well some may disagree because I don’t care, especially since the world is so big on free speech :), but I won’t do something JUST to be controversial haha I hate bitches who seek attention! Anyway, I’d like to let you know that I plan on posting about feminism and sexuality soon. This will probably be controversial, so if you are one of my under-19 stalkers or somebody who gets butthurt over opinions that aren’t in line with their own, you should probably not read them. Don’t worry, there’ll be a warning in the title.

I feel like many people will skim read a strongly opinionated book, essay, article or blog post and see it through their judgemental, biased eyes and refuse to see it any other way. I know this because I’ve said some very opinionated things in the past and people have disagreed with it…..with an argument that used points that actually supported what I said? I just hate ignorance.

If anybody is hurt by what I say, I just want to say I DON’T CARE. Press that little x button by my blog, turn off your computer if you’re so hurt. I have laughed in the past when people say “be careful of what you say online”, sometimes with a trace of threat, claiming that what I say can be seen as vicious, controversial and even bullying, but I see no names? Don’t we believe in freedom of speech for everyone? And if that hurts you, I’d like to draw your attention to France and the rest of the world for their support of free speech with no limitations! Bitch I was offended by the support people had for the depiction of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, don’t you dare grill me for what I post online because I will call you a hypocrite and a bigot. Hell I will name names if I want to, I will say whatever the hell I want.

I have no time to be spending on little wastes of space, this is my first and LAST rant that is somewhat personal and directed.

Anyway, farewell little girls (and boys?). Don’t forget to subscribe! Until next time.

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