What the hell is up with pre-teens nowadays plucking their eyebrows and wearing makeup??

Warning: gushiness to commence.

Sore throat and nausea abound, even after making the foolish mistake of eating a godforsakingly spicy (and tasty) chicken wing and feeling like Satan was spitting down my throat, nothing can take away the ecstasy and joy I feel in my life right now.

It’s currently 3:56am and I can’t sleep because it doesn’t feel right. How are you supposed to sleep when reality is better than any dream you could possibly have? A while ago I found myself on a literary roadblock. No reading, no writing. Nothing. That was for reasons that I’d prefer not to disclose, but I will say that it was because I hadn’t the will to do anything other than sleep, and my brain was broken. Now…. although my life has vastly improved in ways that I could never imagine, I still can’t write. Gladly, however, it is because I have so much to say that I can’t find the words to put it in; in fact, what I have to say won’t exist in any language in the world. I pretend that’s a bad thing, but it means I can explain it through actions…

I keep looking at my phone, thinking it has gone off, but it’s just the reflection of the tv every time a scene changes.




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