Brief post today about the GENERAL ELECTION. Brief because I am really not in the mood to be writing anything, but I can’t leave this until later as that is just lame. This is a short rant directed at those who have decided not to vote out of laziness or because it’s cool not to care and the rich and ain’t-gotta-do-shit Sir rustyrockets told them not to.

The very same morons who refuse to vote are the same people saying “they’re all shit” and then complaining even more when the winning party does something they don’t like. There was a cool analogy, the only one I could think of, mind you, on the hilarious alternative Election Night about a person going into a restaurant, refusing to see a menu and then complaining when they get what they don’t want. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Sure, your solitary puny little self failing to put a cross on a piece of card might not seem like a huge difference, but WHAT IF. WHAT IF everybody decided to say that? What if a couple of your useless existences were the TIPPING POINT and changed the fate of the future of your country? I mean, do you feel good complaining about something and not even trying to make a difference to change it….because that is annoyingly lame, come and express to me how lame you are so I can slap you.

I despise the nonchalent attitude that so many young people have towards the elections. Maybe the parties are indeed all shit, but some aren’t as shit as the rest, pick the best of a bad bunch. You live in this damn country for God’s sake. Do your damn research, pay attention to what is going on around you and, if anything, at least choose the party that is directly competing with the one you really DON’T want to win, or choose the party that you feel may in the near future be even slightly prosperous. I now propose that everybody who willingly didn’t vote should shut the hell up about politics and don’t talk shit about the government ever until the next election. I mean like nothing at all. Don’t even talk about the economy. Don’t say *winning party* is this that and the other. Nope. You don’t have a say. You DID have a say and decided not to participate so you can shut your stupid mouth for the next few years.
Those who voted, friends, intelligent people, rant away.

On a lighter note, I have been waiting for an Ed Miliband government since what seems to be the beginning of time. Ima cry.

On an even lighter note, also much heavier and calorific, the pictured Dairy Milk Banana Caramel Crisp is HEAVENLY. It is divine. It is amazing. It is wonderful and I will continue to buy it for as long as it exists. Sometimes a little too sweet and definitely needs a little more of that delicious banana candy in it, though 9.5/10 would definitely recommend.


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