*embarassed face*

It’s ya girl K again, after 10 billion years. As a little bit of a get to know me, I find difficulty in writing about my life and what goes on in it. I think I’ve stated before that I’m very opinionated, but I cannot be a lifestyle blog. I can’t post about what goes on in my life or what’s been happening, but I’ll try just because I’ve been away for so long….

So first and foremost, Ramadan kareem/Mubarak/happy Ramadan to everyone and their families! I suppose as much as I’d like to blog about absolutely anything and everything, I’ve gotta tone it down a little if just for now. And whilst there are a few Ramadan related issues I want to rant about, I’m going to put a hold on any complaining I need to do and let it be known that I am done with uni. I am free. Sort of. The one thing I was looking forward to was all the free time I’d finally have on my hands that would usually be lost due to travelling to uni, being at uni, studying for uni, reading for uni, sleeping too much because of uni etcetera etcetera. Unfortunately, whilst I do feel wonderfully free, I still don’t know where my time is going?! I kind of miss knowing what to do with my time, with having a revision timetable that I never stuck to, as I am left with little sense of purpose for the next few months. I guess a missing sense of purpose gives me a reason to spend more of my time writing or learning new things, but right now I’m just trying to be able to get out of bed before 12pm, as fat girl here is fatigued and hungry all the time.

BUT every cloud has a silver lining. As I am a lardball who is either eating or thinking about eating, or, whilst I’m fasting especially, looking at pictures of food on instagram, when I am hungry I literally cannot function. I need to snack. Constantly. It’s eye-opening, as I’ve realised that I really take my position in life for granted; I eat just because I’m bored, even when I’m not remotely hungry, and if that isn’t a privilege I don’t know what is (note to self: blog post on white privilege). The bad, then, is that lack of food will make me cranky and lazy. I refuse to move and I will tolerate nothing. Patience? HA. WHAT IS THAT. The good – with regards to keeping this blog updated – is that this means EVERYTHING will get on my nerves. Since the start of Ramadan (lies-  since birth) there have been a billion things that have annoyed me; this means rants. Lots and lots of rants. But, again, due to the lack of energy and concentration….I am either too lazy to write it down, or I become distracted by another annoying thing. Either way, unfortunately, whilst my brain is in overdrive, I may melt down before I get a chance to relieve my mind’s steam on this blog, but I already have a couple posts lined up regarding tumblr girls and ‘Ramadan Muslims’ (separate posts. Obviously).

On that note, I feel like I’ve got the ball nicely rolling. So let the bullshitting commence.


I like reading. Leave me a comment.

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