Over medium

I don’t know how many of you are on Instagram and following her, but if you do follow Kat Von D, you will have seen her highly controversial post about veganism in which she brutally dehumanised all carnivores and compared meat for consumption to Cecil the lion (give me a moment whilst I reminisce on all those history lessons I failed to attend). Kat is a beautiful, talented and strong woman, one whom I have much admiration for, but this post irked me a lot. It angered me quite a bit, even after the apology video she posted, because I don’t take kindly to preaching and being dehumanised. This post is a little confusing as I want to rant about veganism and vegetarianism, but I also want to express my opinion on the outrage about the lion.

I admire vegans and vegetarians for their ability to stay away from meat – I tried to do it for a month and my body didn’t let me continue. I physically and literally cannot live without meat.  I became weak, sallow skinned, spotty and bony, so I don’t believe the myths of these glowing skinned, toned people who claim to only eat salads everyday. If you want to promote a healthy vegetarian and leafy lifestyle then fine! If your religion forbids you from eating meat then cool! If you just don’t like meat then that’s completely okay.

But when you start to preach, things will get bad. For the record, meat doesn’t make people fat. It’s the way people eat their meat, and the amount they eat that makes them fat. You see those ripped gym rats? You think they drink green smoothies and eat kale all day? Nope….

If you talk about the damaging effects on the environment eating meat has, I will eat 20 chicken wings in front of you.

If you tell me about those poor animals that were killed just so I could eat them, I will eat a fat steak in front of you. Medium please.

If you tell me I’m no different from the dude who killed Cecil the lion, I will throw you into a ring of lions and we’ll see if they protect. you, like you are them.

I am not sorry, but animals were put on the earth to be eaten. You can disagree with me and tell me that animals are our friends – I may laugh, but we’ll just agree to disagree. Of course you can’t compare cats and dogs to cows or chickens, as it’s not customary for most people to eat these domesticated animals. You can’t compare cows and chickens to Cecil the lion either because….I mean you don’t eat lions, and the last time I checked, cows and chickens are available in abundance. We can’t keep them as pets, but they’re useful to us as humans. There is no reason to kill a lion. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species, and yet we stupidly want to live side by side amongst all of them, whilst if our intelligence were the other way around, we would be mauled to death by pretty much any carnivorous beast we crossed paths with. Grow a brain. Eat meat or don’t eat meat, but don’t tell others what they should and should not be doing. And pray tell, where would we put all the cows and chickens had we not been eating them?

A side note, but a very important note: to be honest, I don’t care about Cecil the lion. At all. And I am completely unapologetic about this; the extent of outrage this issue has caused is ridiculous. There are much, much bigger things occurring globally and the fact that people create more of an issue over a lion than other human beings disgusts me. When the world cries louder about a lion than other human beings, there is something terribly wrong. When people are desensitised to the sufferings that other human beings face on a daily basis just because the case of this lion being killed is so shocking, something is really wrong. When people care more about an African lion than African people, something is WRONG.

When you are making sure to name the lion as CECIL every time you talk about him, but fail to put a name to the human beings who are brutally killed, something is so wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Over medium

  1. beingwoke says:

    I totally agree about the ridiculous about of hype around this. All around the world black people are shouting #blacklivesmatter, people are dying because they were born on the wrong side of a made up border – but yes let’s all cry about a lion (!)
    Which I am against bdw – I am against cruelty to animals but still the proportionate response was beyond belief.

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