REVIEW: Sana Yusufzai [August]

As I spend my days shopping online and frantically deciding whether I really need that kimono that I can get with free delivery if I place the order in the next 10 minutes, the thought of paying someone to do that work for me is very relieving, to say the least. I’ve been so attracted to the idea of monthly subscription boxes, because they’re nice little “surprises” that allow me to have more things without my fickle self having to spend hours making a decision. The only thing is I am very picky for an indecisive person, so the chances of me receiving a box of things that I actually like are very slim…

But lo and behold, I have been proven wrong by the the first gift box I have ever subscribed to – Sana Yusufzai. Although I have only the first box to comment on, this is such a classy subscription that is perfect for Muslim girls/women, or just those who want to dress a little more modest! Redelivered to me a few days late because I was in a mountain when it first arrived, I was so happy when I opened it. For someone as lazy as me, this subscription was perfect, as I didn’t have to worry about getting something revealing or tight fitting, something I wouldn’t want to wear, and I could move up a notch from my basic hijabs. I think subscription boxes are a good idea for people who like to stay with their tried and tested, as it gives you a chance to try things that you might not willingly buy, and who knows – you might like it. For £25 a month (plus p+p), you receive a box of modest luxury clothing and beauty items – a hijab, a clothing item, an accessory and a makeup/skincare item, and I’m going to give you a mini review of the August box….

First up are these shades, modelled by the snotbag, and yes I had to edit out my reflection. I don’t wear shades because I am a hermit and never go out into the sun; but if I did, I would wear these. I can’t talk much about them because I don’t want to sound unenthusiastic about a product just because I don’t ever wear them, but I will say I like these a lot, and I would consider wearing them if I ever go out into the blazing heat that we never even get here in London. It’s either like a giant igloo(???) outside or a furnace. There is no inbetween. These are one of those retro type sunglasses that I see a lot of girls wearing, they would probably would look better on somebody without a face that is enlarged by 10 times in a hijab (me), but I am not disappointed about these in the slightest. They’re cute.


The next thing is the Artist of Makeup (by Zukreat) HD eyeshadow in the shade St. Tropez. I’ve actually always wanted to try AoM products, so I’m pleased with this inclusion – even though I almost never wear eyeshadow. This, however, is such a pretty shade, it is so amazingly pigmented, and I am now going to try incorporating a little more eyeshadow into my days just so I can wear this! I don’t even have a naked palette…I know, embarrassing. You can even see how pigmented it is by the stain right by the box in the first picture – that was an accidental finger brush. I’m currently only using that cheap and cheerful make up revolution palette – the pigmentation of that is nothing compared to this, I’ve yet to try it out but I assume the blendability will be much nicer too. What makes it even better is that I think it could double as a really good highlighter for darker skin tones, or olive skin tones who like the sunkissed look. Don’t like the packaging of the product at all, but that’s not the fault of Sana Yusufzai, I know there’s a pan palette for these that AoM have cleverly created to suck you into buying more of their products, and I may just fall victim to it…

Here’s where it gets real (I may post a better picture of how it fits on my Instagram, ladies only of course). I am BIG on cardigans and jackets. I buy like 10 of the same turtle necks and jeans, but I own so many things to put on top. In this box I received a grey (my FAVOURITE COLOUR) batwing cardigan. Oh. My. God. I love it SO MUCH. SOOOOOOOO MUCH. I’m sceptical about gift box clothing because I’m wary of it not fitting correctly – most companies cater for the factory default skinny tall girls *cough*, which I am not, but I obviously wasn’t so worried with this. It fits like a dream; snug in all the right places and modest/flowy in all the rest! To be honest even if the box only contained this I’d still be happy. I love it.

The hijab. I’m probably going to say the least about this, because I have one thing to tell you: this is currently the most beautiful hijab I own. I don’t even want to wear it yet, that’s how pretty it is, so I’m going to wait until I have somewhere nice to wear it. The colour is amazing, as is the material – I didn’t put any filters on these photos so you could see them as true to colour, however my phone doesn’t seem to like the colour pink (good). The scarf is actually more of a dusky pink, I may take another picture later. I don’t think it’ll suit my summer skin since I go all sorts of colours and undertones, but in the winter I see myself wearing this to the death until I ruin it and have to buy another one….

All in all, I’m so happy with this box and I can’t wait for next month!

– k.

I don’t know if I’ll be doing more reviews, it’s not something I’m used to and I don’t know if I’m doing it right…however let’s hope my shopping gets more interesting and I come across more amazing finds like Sana Yusufzai that make me WANT to tell the world about it. Subscribe to it, you will not be disappointed!

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