little girl

i want you to do something for me
you see that one
sitting in that chair,
the one looking at you
like you’re the brightest thing there?
(the hair princess
the one with the beard?)
listen to me carefully
i’ll say it once whilst i’m here.

Go give him a kiss
and squeeze him tight
look at his face
with those beautiful doe eyes
“take me to the shop,
i’ll be good” you’ll lie
another squeeze for good measure
before he gives in, he sighs
take his hand and step outside
a toy store maybe
or candy will suffice

distract him, tell him stories
that all sound the same
if he tries to change the subject
slap him across the face
-but then smile sweetly just in case-
when you walk inside
tell him he’s the best and that…
then he’ll ask you what you want
“EVERYTHING” you will chant
“this and that and those things over there
maybe one of those for tomorrow
i also want to know how this tastes”
make me proud,
order everything in that place

but you don’t have to plead
he will gladly oblige
he’s bought it all for you
before it crept into your mind
i know he’ll do anything
just to see that smile
he’d give you the moon to pray under
and steal the stars for your nightlight
-but there’s nothing left to take
because they’re all in your eyes
the sun is behind your skin
and your beauty sets you alight
and when you’re older
you’ll have such grace in your stride
he’ll protect you forever
so hold him tight

And an angel like you
deserves an angel at her side


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