how old?

If there’s anything I know about you
it’s that you look like a princess
but breathe the fire of a dragon
I heard your voice
and I wanted you to tell me stories
about nothing,
about princesses
about my prince charming
(when he lies about his age
i promise to tell you
and any other secrets
you want to know too)

with a face so innocent
and a character so strong
and such wit that i love
it’s like you were my own
we’ll build upon my army
and i’ll let you lead with me
it can only be the four of us
but that’s all that we need
(i’ll let the princess come and join us
if only he’ll admit defeat)
don’t let anybody quieten you
you have what it takes
to one day be a queen
build those up around you
so other girls
follow your lead

Never lower your voice
for those with sensitive ears
always fight for what you want
no matter what anyone says
If they try to steal your dream
don’t let them see your tears
fight harder
with the strength you have,
the world is at your feet
you have nothing at all to fear.



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