English love affair


So despite being adamant that I wouldn’t be going into central London this winter, I caved because I had to visit a certain store and I didn’t feel like going to Stratford. It’s the first time I’ve actually been ‘out’ somewhere in a long time, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I was in bed at any given moment.  Except when I was eating.

Obviously, one of the reasons to go into London this  season is to see the Christmas lights, which I unfortunately didn’t get to see properly and I wasn’t really excited for? I still want to stroll around to absorb the atmosphere some other day maybe, only I can never summon the energy to go into the city, especially by myself. This day was a rush, having errands to run and homes to get to as it was getting late, so it wasn’t a day out. Also, it was raining the whole time we were there, maybe a sign that I should never go anywhere…frustrating because jersey gets extremely heavy and clingy when it is wet, and also my shoes became swimming pools. I do think the rain makes London look a little prettier, as the lights reflect off the floor and it looks much more picturesque that it does when it’s not raining. Should have gone earlier, but fortunately we missed rush hour. I was debating whether or not to create this post as the photos really are crap..


Victoria’s Secret


Bruce Jenner on the tube




Comptoir Libanais – the cutest one I have ever been to!


Selfridges. Free ombre-ing of the abaya – courtesy of the London rain.

And finally, where there is a Waterstones, there is a k. Tottenham Court Road, expect me soon. (Like next year or something)

Note: does anybody have a Macbook (2015)? I’ve had one for a little while and I’m starting to find it REALLY fxcking annoying. I cannot type properly, the keys don’t work sometimes, my spacebar RARELY ever works. My screen likes to go black quite often. Is this normal…. if you can help, comment or email me because I’m putting off going to the Apple store  😦


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