Part time love just brings me down

So I found something and immediately wanted to share it with someone, so here it is. During my usual procrastination fuelled internet binge, I found a bunch of the most adorable  pictures/illustrations and THEY ARE ALL ME. I have never related to cartoons so much. (Except for the vegetarian one….looks like we’re having steak every day for the next two weeks).

The pictures are by the artist Phillipa Rice and I want to thank her for illustrating the parts of love that are much more important than the overt romantic gestures… I’ll take the boring stuff over the fancy dates and teddy bears.

And these are published into a book called Soppy: A Love Story, which is definitely now at the top of my to-buy list. I’m melting.

Aaaaaand I’m not going to post anymore, as there is already an article written about these  illustrations, please  follow the link here to see some more 🙂


I like reading. Leave me a comment.

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