And laugh with me

He laughs
like the ocean waves
kissing the shore
on a cool morning
Salty air
messing up your hair
but making you feel awake

He laughs
like the buskers in the station;
happy, calm
floating into a sea of ears
during the rush hour

He laughs like music,
the notes of a piano
like little parts of him
escaping his mouth,
parts that he keeps concealed,
parts so beautiful
that they must be heard by the world,
parts that make you selfish
make you want to keep it
all for yourself

He laughs like
hitting you without your permission,
pure and so refreshing,
sinking past your skin
and finding its way in,
it grabs up all your  pain
and washes it away
so you forget about it all
when you’re laughing with him

He laughs like  you’ll spend
the rest of your life
watching black and white movies
learning how to slip on a banana peel,
step on a rake
a few bruises on your face,
just to see his
stifle a chuckle

Like you’ll spend
the rest of your life
learning the worst jokes
the world has ever heard,
making a fool of yourself
on purpose
just so you can tell him stories
learning to pout and  pretend to be hurt,
to bite him hard
when he laughs, when it works

Laughter feeds the soul
and it lightens the heart
so feed my soul,
let me show you all I’ve learnt.

He laughs a laugh
that touches every corner of the room
a laugh that reaches every cloud in the sky
and showers down on everything,
making it all beautiful
making everything so right.

And maybe when he stops,
when he lays down at night,
not feeling so good, not feeling so right
When he doesn’t feel like laughing,
and he closes his eyes
I hope he’ll remember a laugh
that feeds my soul
Destroys the pain
And makes my heart feel light.
And maybe one day
when he laughs
he will remember the awe
in my eye



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