I’m a believer

Black streaks were streaming down your face

Why do you cry
on the most important day of your life?
The lights are blinding,
the smell of food wafts into your nose
and it overwhelms you
you want to be sick all over
your wedding dress.
it feels heavy
and you start to sweat,
the noise of those filling up the hall
makes you want to rip off your ears,
flashing cameras pointed
at the blushing bride,
I just want to go home
Take me out of this dress
and wash  my face
I don’t want to be a bride,
just a wife,
I want to go home
and sleep
in arms I can now call mine
Take me out of this room
and let me go home
just leave me alone with mine.

Why do you cry
on the most important day of your  life?
Is it the thought of leaving your parents,
does adulthood strike fear into your mind?
Is it the pressure of having a baby
or is it the dreaded wedding night?
Is it that change is much too hard,
Is it strange to have
a new place to call home,
a place with a heart beat and arms?

But dry your eyes
and take a look to your left;
sitting right next to you,
that’s your best friend.
Now you can laugh
until the sun starts to rise
You have someone to hold
when it is cold at night,
every night.
Someone to see `
first thing in the morning
when you groggily open your eyes,
someone to bring in every new year with
someone with whom to see
holiday lights.
You have someone to care for,
someone to protect,
go to the ends of the earth for them
love them to the death.
You have a hand to hold
in every corner of the world
Someone to have petty fights with
Someone to fight for,
Someone to guide,
Someone to adore,
Someone to listen to your stupid stories
your embarrassing moments
your deepest secrets,
to listen to all the shit
you have to say,
Someone with whom you can pray.

Drown out the crowd
dry your eyes
or wait to get home,
and let him hold you tight
whilst you cry.
Marry your best friend,
and you’ll have everything in life.

This was REALLY badly written, I just want to stress the importance of the marriage over  the wedding. Please don’t plan for an extravagant wedding that takes years to plan. Marry someone  who makes you feel like you don’t need all of that, ONLY marry someone you’d marry tomorrow in your pyjamas. And if you have found that person, you’ll have everything.


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