What’s 9 + 10


Yes, last month I turned the big two-one. The big milestone before the big 3-0 (or is the big two-five next?). You know, everyone always asks me how I feel being 21 and old, but I only feel as old as I was yesterday and nothing has really changed…I didn’t smoke when I turned 16, and I didn’t drink or club when I turned 18….. maybe It’ll kick in later on when I hear that people in my year are having (more) babies.

I think maybe I turned 21 in my mind a long time ago, and I generally find myself sitting in my chair thinking about the state of the world and kids nowadays. 13 year old girls are contouring and filling in their eyebrows with high end products instead of using sticky lipgloss and wearing Claire’s accessories, 10 year old boys are hanging around on the street picking up compliant girls instead of sitting at home playing video games with their friends, and both are talking about it on their iPhones. 21 year old women and men are still getting involved in secondary school drama. Actually, I see a lot of girls/WOMEN my age still having social media accounts that they fill up with nothing but selfies just for likes and retweets. I guess with age comes the desperate fear of growing old and the need for heart-eyes emojis to prove you still got it. Girls, guys, please find something better to do than posting 1000 pictures of your face – but this is a rant for another time. Girls, slow down and take your time – enjoy your youth, you’ve got plenty of time to be aware of societies beauty standards. Enjoy your free skin whilst you can and have fun without caring what you look like. And boys, don’t be hoodrats, ever. Be someone who will make your mother proud, get off the streets. And parents – stop spoiling your kids in the bad way.

Kids are growing up much too fast, and adults aren’t growing up fast enough, in a very bad way. I’ve always been so adamant to say that my kids won’t be like this, but I can only say insha’allah and work on bettering myself so that I can set the example I want. Anyway, to end this post on a very positive note, I just want to say I had the best birthday ever, ever!!! In my entire over-one-fifth-of-a-century of a life – I cannot say thank you enough.


Can we go back and eat this again

When my ugly ruins what would otherwise be a pretty picture

Slyly like this picture

Not so slyly like this picture more


50 shades of grey & burgundy

The contents of that bag made me cry.

– k


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