I have seen worlds that I’ve never set foot in

My veins run black
in ivory flesh
Spreading like wildfire
when I sit down at night
Supplied by movement of the eyes
in daylight.

The sun rises
and I’m comatose
But I’m roaming the world
I’m seeing colours in the East
Walking streets in the West
By night I’m exhausted
and back in my bed
Because just one look
and I’ve circled the Earth
One look and I can see
the entire universe

And I’m back
Veins pumping,
giving life to this page
In a language 
unknown by my tongue
but loved by my mind
Can’t communicate to the other
no matter how hard I try.
So I’ll spill right into you
in this language, unabridged
A direct supply, straight from the mind
unconsciously moving
the pen in my hand
untainted by the words of this world
that cannot understand.

My words can never tell you
of all that I’m made
Understand that
My veins run black
giving life to this page.

Apologies for the lack of posts. This beautiful thing is the reason why.

– k.


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