Please tell me what we’ve learned

Is it cos I’m brown

Did you vote yesterday? I hope so. Anyway, I was casually minding my own business, avoiding my assignment, listening to supertramp and picking sriracha out of my hair, as one does, when I came across this.

YES that is a ‘Safe Haven Baby Box Drop Off‘.

I know that this is not something new, but I only just found out about these being installed in Indiana. These are boxes where parent/s can drop off their unwanted babies whilst remaining anonymous, thereby avoiding the authorities asking them why the hell they’re having a baby if they don’t want it. Basically, they’re boxes that work in accordance with safe haven laws.

So I get the idea, and theoretically, and practically, it’s a wonderful idea – the lesser of two evils, if you will. But I hate it, and I hate that we live in a world where this needs to exist. It’s disgusting that women can be denied abortions, yet something like this is perfectly acceptable?

“NO you can’t remove that cluster of cells in your womb, just wait nine months and drop the baby off in this fucking box. No, you will not be compensated for the physical changes and emotional trauma, just literally throw your baby in here. Foetuses having feelings and yours don’t count. We’ll only accept fully formed humans, because ‘Murica. Happy baby dumping!”

No, but honestly. I do get the idea. I get that, because women might be denied an abortion, or they can’t afford it, they are forced to have a baby they don’t want. A baby they’ll end up leaving at the door of a church, or a hospital, or someone’s house. I get that this is padded and temperature controlled box is a better option than a woman being so traumatised that she throws her baby in a trash can.

But rewind; a woman can be denied an abortion and be forced to deliver a baby she doesn’t want, because it’s better to abandon the baby than to just REMOVE IT BEFORE IT BECOMES A BABY. So what are you going to do when these boxes are full of thousands of babies every month because these women don’t have to worry about the guilt of throwing it in a bin anymore?

It’s not the boxes I oppose, it is once again the abortion laws. Pro-lifers are the type of people who will sneer and say “why don’t you adopt and give one of these poor children a home?”. Why don’t you legalise abortion so there won’t be so many sad kids waiting to be adopted because you forced them into existence? Pro lifers need to stop, because then things like this happen. And some women need to stop being so reckless and getting pregnant all the time, because there are women who can’t have kids and are horrified that you are blessed with pregnancy and throw your baby away.

There are women who can’t have a baby at a certain time in their life, who are you to condemn them to a life they aren’t ready to  live just because you think a foetus has feelings?


It’s called pro-choice. I support that a woman should have a choice in what to do with her body, and what’s growing inside it. And it should be her choice only, no man nor woman has any say. I also support euthanasia for the same reason, but that’s another story.


For the time being, these boxes are a nice idea. I’ll fight for women being able to destroy a growth before it’s a baby, because that’s the most considerate thing to do if she doesn’t want it.

But I’ll be damned if I’ll ever be okay with her abandoning her newborn to be left for dead.


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