February favourites

Honestly, it’s strange how I can end up with ‘favourites’ seeing as I rarely ever switch up what I’m doing. I don’t like change. I usually just end up with a newfound love for something that was already in my life. Nevertheless, I’m here with a new post, because making lists calms me down in the midst of not writing my dissertation and trying to cut a 6000 word and counting section down to 2,500. Also, if my hands are too busy typing then there’s no room to be punching people in the throat, right?


1] Stranger Things
So I started watching this sometime in February.. and I finished the entire season by the next morning. I was home alone so nobody could stop me, don’t judge. I was so upset that I had to wait for the next season. I’m even more upset that I have to wait until HALLOWEEN for the next season. No show has ever blown me away like this has, I could watch it over and over again and not get bored. I initially decided to watch it because Winona, obv <3. But I LOVE the cast, those kids are everything. No shitty romantic subplot thrown in for no reason. Eleven is my spirit animal.

2] Welcome to the Desert of the Real 
Okay, this ones for my dissertation. Contemporary philosophy and cultural/political criticism is one of my favourite things ever to read or hear about, and this book was suggested to me by my supervisor. If you wanna read about ideology and how humans are stupid, pick it up. Zizek is the best philosopher/critic you will ever come across, I promise you this.

3]Tesco finest piccolo tomatoes
This one is fuckin weird, I know. I once bought the sun-something tomatoes until I saw that they didn’t have them anymore, so I went back to eating normal cherry tomatoes. The difference is mind blowing and worth spending extra on. Fun fact: I don’t eat normal tomatoes. But I could eat cherry tomatoes all day.  Anyway, so the other day my dad came home with these piccolo ones and LET ME JUST TELL YOU. Oh man. I’m salivating. Over tomatoes.

4] Primark
I never shop at Primark. Not because I think I’m too good for it, but because I literally never leave my house and Primark, in my experience, is the WORST destination for someone who hates shopping. It’s always swarming with people, it’s so busy and messy and horrible and I hate it. But one day I went as soon as it opened to get hair bands and I didn’t realise how many things I can get for like a quarter of the price I’d normally buy them. I BOUGHT SOCKS FOR £1!!!!!!!!!!

5] Aloe Vera gel
I’ve been a massive fan of aloe vera gel for years. I always have at least 4 tubes/bottles of it in my room in case I run out, and I swear it’s the cure for everything. Most importantly, it’s been so useful for the past couple of months. It’s cold, I’m not drinking water, and I’m not sleeping. As a result, my eyes are horrible and my skin is FLAKING THE FUCK OFF. And as I am a picker and a prodder, I tend to peel any unsightly skin off and squeeze any spots/pores. Thus, I end up with a red, painfully inflamed face. Lil bit of aloe on the affected areas whenever I can has cooled everything down and allowed it to heal faster, minimising the chance of me prodding again. Yay.


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