Burning through the sky [June Journal]


Today’s prompt: The best thing about your day

I’m actually posting this a day late, but it was written yesterday I swear.

It’s going to sound crap, but I had a really good dream. Like a really, really good dream. The kinda dream where you wake up and you’re upset because it’s not real and you’re back at your lame life. The kinda dream where you go back to sleep in a desperate bid to have that dream again because it shows you that YES. EVERYTHING CAN BE PERFECT. IT’S POSSIBLE. IT CAN HAPPEN! OMG! YOU CAN REALLY BE THAT HAPPY IN REAL LIFE!!! Wow!

Before that, though, I had a lucid dream and it wasn’t nearly as good. Bear in mind that a lucid dream is a dream in which I can choose what I do.

This has taught me something important. I had no control over the great dream. I had full control over the lucid dream.

It has taught me that sometimes, what you really truly want in life is probably miles behind what you could actually have, what you’re capable of having. The possibilities are far beyond what your mind can imagine. You only know what you want in relation to what you already have or what you have already had. We always want to make our lives better, make what we have better. We always want to work with that we have and just improve.

We’re too afraid to just start somewhere new and do things completely different, we’re always holding on to the chance that things, people, places can improve. They probably an’t. And we have no idea what we could find if we just looked further.

It’s made me a little bit more positive.


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