6 ways to combat blogger’s block

Ahhh yes. Blogger’s block. It hits the best of us, it’s so frustrating, it’s the worst. It’s even worse when you have a post planned out and you’re like ‘nah. I can’t be bothered’. And into your drafts it goes. Along with the 200 other drafts.

The reason I can write this post is because I know exactly what to do, but my brain is just nope. So, I thought it best to publicise my solutions in the hope that other peoples brains aren’t broken and can actually follow this advice! Here we go.

Write a review

Easy. Probably the easiest type of post ever. Read a book, watch a movie, listen to an album, try a new product. And honestly, I don’t feel like you can ever have enough reviews. Except about makeup. We really don’t need that many reviews of the Naked palettes. Please, for the love of God, stop swatching every shade on your arm, I have seen this 40 times.

Get to Know Me tag

The best thing about this one is that you don’t even have to post it. You can if you want, of course, but I find that answering those questions makes you really think about yourself. Sometimes a spark of some sort occurs and you find something to write; something that you love, something that you hate, or something about yourself

Read other blogs

You know on instagram when there are random people with their small .wordpress blogs in their bio? Like me? They’re my favourite. I don’t really like reading big, well-established blogs, but I know a lot of people do. f Read what other people are doing to spark your creativity and inspire you.

Take photos

Honestly, you don’t even need to think for this one. We’re in the age where people don’t like reading anything. They just like looking. They like photos, BIG photos. With that in mind, a photo journal is perfect, there’s honestly no way to lose because a) you literally just need to write an introduction and b) the photos you take might even inspire you to write something more. An even bigger bonus is that it improves your skills behind the camera and gets you out of the house.

Get personal

Nobody has lived your life. Nobody can give the advice and words that have been shaped by your own experiences, and can do so written in your personal style. I know, sometimes it’s risky getting personal on a public blog. But when I say ‘personal’, I don’t mean tell everyone about how your best friend Becky is a total bitch who is trying to bang your boyfriend Charlie, who in turn always flirts with your mum when he comes over. I mean tell your story, but make it adaptable. It’s fine to write an article called ‘How to deal with whore best friends’ on Monday and ‘Dump that sleaze bag boyfriend!’ on Wednesday.

Creative writing 

Don’t think, just write. Make up a scene in your head, or fictionalise something that has happened to you. Don’t think about it too hard; think of it like writing a first draft. When you write a first draft, you don’t edit. You just sit there and let your fingers do all the work and that’s what she said. It doesn’t have to be long.  500 words, 1000 words. 10 words. A haiku. I like seeing short passages of creative writing; someone who has just skimmed over your blog is more likely to read something short to get a feel for what your style is like, and they may stay for more. Most importantly, though, it gets you into the habit of writing more frequently.


I like reading. Leave me a comment.

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